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5 Eye – opening reasons to join a Yoga Teacher Training in 2022

Signing up for a Yoga Teacher Training is a big decision,  especially since the Pandemic has left its traces on everyone and you may still hesitate if this year is a good one to travel to India for a YTTC.

Reasons to join Yoga Teacher Training Course


Here are 5 good reasons to get out of your comfort zone in 2022 and not wait longer to fulfil your dream and deepen your practice, study Yoga in depth and start a new holistic carrier path:


  1. After 2 years of Pandemic, many people urge to learn how to relax their minds and rebuilt strength, mentally and physically. Yoga is a true gift to each of us to support our healing journey.
  2. Step into your purpose and share the gift of Yoga with your community. Sharing your gift is SO important for our society ♥ Yoga benefits are undoubtable, and what the world needs, are well educated Yoga Teachers. If you join this course just for yourself – this journey is equally important – Your well-being will reflect on those around you!
  3. Offline courses are available again, and are offering highest quality teaching standards – Many techniques which one cannot learn on online courses, are waiting to be explored by you!
  4. If not now than when? Live is unpredictable – no one knew better before the last two years, right?
  5. Travel regulations ease and Trainings in are accessible again. Finally we can take take some time off and  travel again. This is your chance to combine an education program with a journey to India, the Motherland of Yoga ♥

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