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Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training
for (ongoing) Yoga Teachers, Physiotherapists, doulas and midwifes.

This training is led by Yogini Carolin Dutt, who is a mother herself and an internationally experienced Pre- and Postnatal Yoga Teacher and has also taught at a local hospital in Hall in Tirol, Austria. She herself has trained to be a Prenatal Yoga Teacher in Vienna, Austria and S.Vyasa in India, and therefore is able to offer a profound and unique combination of western and eastern approach to Yoga for each stage of Pregnancy. Her experience of Yoga, Ayurveda and nutrition gives a great additional knowledge to the courses she offers.

  • This 1 week training is a wonderful way to get to know a broad variety of Asanas, Pranayamas (breathing techniques), Meditations, relaxing techniques around each stage of pregnancy.
  • Learn how to safely guide a balancing Yoga class for all moms to be – strengthening physically and mentally, relaxing body and mind, and connecting to the spirit of mother and baby.
  • Our Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training is a great choice for all Yoga teachers who want to extend their knowledge around pregnancy and expand their carrier path.

Syllabus Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training

Day 1: Theory: Anatomy of Pregnancy, How the body changes during 1st, 2nd, 3rd trimester.  The emotional and mental challenges during pregnancy and how Yoga can assist with processing those challenges. Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga, possible counter indications. What postures or breathing techniques to avoid while pregnancy. Practical: 1 Prenatal Asana, Pranayama an Relaxtation class.

Day 2: Theory: The First Trimester  - Asanas, Pranayamas and relaxation techniques or first trimester, possible counterindications. Practical: 2 x  Prenatal Asana classes , relaxation techniques,  breathing techniques for first Trimester

Day 3: Theory: the second trimester – Asanas, Pranayamas and relaxation techniques, including possible counter indication. Practital: 2 Asana, Pranayama and Relaxation classes for 2nd Trimester

Day 4: Theory: The 3rd Trimester - Asanas, Pranayamas and relaxation techniques, including possible counter indications. Preparation for delivery. C – cection vs normal delivery. Practical: 2 Asana Pranayama and Relaxation classes for 3rd Trimester.

Day 5: Theory: Nutrition during pregnancy , Ayurveda and Preganancy. Summery of content, Q&A session. Exam day – a short theory exam and practical exam - every student gets to teach a sequence.

Day 6: 4th phase of pregancy - the time after delivery. Preview of Postnatal Yoga. Certificate ceremony, trip together to a temple on the mountain


* 6 AM Wake up and Ginger Water cleanse

* 6.30 AM Jal Neti Nose cleansing

* 7 AM Morning Yoga Asana and Pranayama

* 9 AM Yogi Breakfast

* 10 AM Theory class: Anatomy of Pregnancy, physical changes during pregnancy

* 11.15 Theory class: Mental and emotional changes and challenges during pregnancy. Benefits of Prenatal Yoga

*13.00 Yogi Lunch on our beautiful terrace with palm tree garden view

*13.30 Time for yourself, walk or relax

*16.00 Lecture: What to avoid during practice while each stage of pregnancy

* 17.00 Asana class

* 18.00 Relation for pregnancy

* 19.00 Yogi Dinner

* 20.00 Relax and Rest


Pregnancy Preparation Yoga Course

This is a really great course for all couples who plan to have a baby in future and want to learn about conscious conception and pregnancy. In this 5 day course we will discuss conception and pregnancy from Ayurveda point of view, learn about crucial lifestyle changes which impact not only the well being of the mother but also the spirit of the unborn child.

  • We will learn postures, breathing techniques and guided meditations for conception period and each trimester specifically.
  • This course is great for all Yoga practitioners or beginners who want to explore the power of Yoga within their pregnancy.

Important Note due to COVID 19

  • We offer FLEXIBLE Booking conditions on all upcoming courses in 2022
  • Change your dates anytime, claim refund in case of cancellation
  • BEST customer service, because we love our students and know life is unpredictable
  • Try our online classes to get an idea of what its like to study at Pratham YOGA

LIVE Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training 2022

Dec 1 - 6, 2022

$ 349 / 9000 INR

  • 50 hrs Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • live @ Pratham Yoga School

March 1 - 5, 2023

$ 349 / 9000 INR

  • 50 hrs Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • live @ Pratham Yoga School

ONLINE Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Training 2022

Aug 25 - 30, 2022

$390 / 9000 INR

  • 50 hrs Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training
  • Online course

Pregnancy YTTC includes:

  • Accommodation in shared room*
  • Lessons of all subject (schedule)
  • 3 Healthy meals per day, tea , water
  • Course Manual
  • Neti Pot for Kriya Yoga*
  • Ganga beach Yoga class
  • Weekend trips to spiritual destinations*
  • *only at the live course

Pregnancy Yoga & Preperation Course

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