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Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India

200 & 300 hour courses

Member of Yoga Alliance


intensive 4 & 5 week courses


– one of the world’s Yoga capitals

PRATHAM YOGA is offering holistic  100, 200 and 300 hours Yoga teacher training programs which all are intensive 4 and 5 week courses and certified with Yoga Alliance USA. Pratham Yoga offers also holistic Yoga Retreats The school is based in the heart of Rishikesh, India - one of the world’s Yoga capitals.

Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh


4 weeks of life changing experience
Highly experienced teachers

At Pratham Yoga we are providing our students 4 weeks of life changing experience with highly experienced teachers in all the subjects, located in a beautiful and laid back surrounding.

In our Asana practise students learn the traditional approach of Hatha Yoga combined with flowing Vinyasas, the art of harmonious sequencing and save adjustments for different levels.


More than Asanas

True meaning of Yoga

Pratham Yoga is all about awakening a deeper understanding of Yoga, so the students are not only diving into a strong Asana practise, but also they will study Philosophy to understand the true meaning of Yoga, Kriya (Yogic cleansing), Dhyan  (Meditation), Pranayama (Yogic breathing technique), Anatomy, Ayurveda & Yogic nutrition, Yoga Nidra and Mantra Chanting on a daily basis.



Smaller Groups

For a real individual approach

The course is a transformative program set in small groups of maximum 12 students which is unique in Rishikesh. Our 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training Course is designed to teach practice and the art of Yoga teaching and sequencing to all levels of practitioners. But also for those who want to join Pratham Yoga for pure self-experience, it is a wonderful opportunity to step out of your common life`s routine and open the door for a full self-transformation, self - exploration, and forming healthier routines for daily life. Our highly educated and experienced teachers make sure to offer a personal guidance to all of our students in a safe and beneficial way.


Abroad from the busy tourist area

In the outskirts of Rishikesh

Pratham Yoga School not only guides you savely through a deep experience with authentic and knowledgeable teachers and a professional and enthusiastic approach, but also through the choice of our location - which is away from the busy tourist area of Ramjhula and Laxmanjhula. Some of our weekend trips will lead us to discover the  pilgrim destinations so students get to dive into the spirit of this ancient pilgarimage town. However during the Yoga Training course, we consciously chose a place which is located away from noise and rush in a pollution free, peaceful area - only 2 minutes away from a beautiful hidden Ganga beach.

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200 & 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training in 2024

Feb 1 - 26

Fully booked

  • 200 hrs

March 2 - 27

Fully booked

  • 200 hrs

April 1 - 26

$ 900

  • 200 hrs

May 2 - 27

$ 900

  • 200 hrs

Aug 1 - 26

$ 900

  • 200 hrs

UPCOMING 100 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Courses 2023

July 2


  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Aug 1

$ 490 / Hour

  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Sept 2


  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Oct 2


  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Nov 1

$ 490 / Hour

  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Dec 1


  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

7 days Retreat


  • flexible dates

10 days Retreat


  • starts on 1st

14 days Retreat


  • Starts on 1st

YTTC Fees including

  • Lessons of all subject (schedule)
  • Neti Pot and Rubber Neti for Kriya Yoga
  • Course books
  • Accommodation in shared room
  • Food and drinks
  • Ayurveda consultation or massage
  • Free Airport pick up
  • Free Prenatal Yoga introduction
  • Free healthy Snack upon arrival
  • Ganga beach Yoga class
  • Weekend trips to spiritual destinations

Please mind: All prices include shared room accommodation. Shared rooms have max. 2 people in a spacious room with attached private bathroom.  Private rooms are  limited and available on request only.

including 1500 INR registration fee to reserve your seat

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