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Rishikesh Weather

December/January: Winter

January is the coldest month in Rishikesh. Days are still warm and mostly sunny, but nights can get really chilly. Make shure to bring warm clothes along, some thermal inner wear and also a warm waterproof jacket and shoes.

February/March: Spring

February and March are one of the most comfortable months to travel Rishikesh area. It gradually gets warmer every month. February is still fresh in morning and late afternoon. In march the real spring starts and temperature rises so a mild summer like feeling. Days are warm and sunny and also evenings are nice and warm. April is already hot. Make shure to stay hydrated.

April/May/June: Summer

These are the hottest months of the year! Be ready to be grilled, it can get up to 45 °C !      Stay well hydrated and avoid midday sun at any cost. Use sunblock and body oil /cream since the air gets very dry and so does your skin. Wear loose natural fabrics, made of cotton. Also during Yoga practice this will be cooling and very comfortable. 

July/August/September: Rainy Season

Finally the earth receives what she was begging for in the last months – plenty – of rain. This season it rains a lot and gets very humid and a fresh cool down. Fewer tourists are visiting during these months and less outdoor activities can be done due to heavy rainfalls. September marks the ending of the rain season and the weather gets more stable with only few thunderstorms every now and then.

October/November : Fall

The first month after monsun has completely stopped and climate gets back to create a quite nice atmosphere. These two months combined with February and March make the most comfortable climate of Rishikesh. Warm during the day, no rain and less humid – perfect to discover the area and spend a lot of time outside!

Food at the Yoga Teacher Training

Which food do you serve at the training?

We serve three times mostly sattvic food in a day. It will be full vegetarian/vegan without eggs and meat. To keep a sattvic atmosphere at the school, please don`t bring any non-vegetarian products with you.  We try our best to servehealthy and tasty meals ♥

Pratham Yoga does their very best to serve only fresh, clean, organic (according to availability), seasonal, sattvic food at their teacher training course. But further, than that what is most important, they do best to serve the food to the students which are prepared with full of love and for the best benefit of your support during this intense practice. The food they serve is very light and will help to uplift your energy and balance your body, mind, and spirit.

The yogic diet of sattvic food throughout the course supports your system to be gently cleansed and energized throughout the course. Every single meal leaves you energized and amazed by its delicious taste with simple, local and seasonal ingredients. All the food is served freshly within a short time after preparing so that you can receive the highest amount of vital energy/life force energy (Prana) from it. Sustainability is a very important aspect of Pratham Yoga, so they do their best to stay away from wasting any food and put importance on cooking the right amount at any time.

Also, there is a big emphasis on environment - avoiding plastic waste for food packing is a point they support. The food is prepared by a dedicated chef who is cooking for years for Yoga students in Rishikesh. He strongly believes in the importance of energizing the food with positive vibration for the best benefit of body, mind, and spirit. While the training you will also get the chance to learn how to prepare Indian sattvic meals at Pratham Yoga Center's kitchen which is a great additional activity they offer to their students.

Which beverages do you serve?

Fresh water (cold and warm), herbal tea, fresh smoothies and juice occationally, hot turmeric milk. (depending on season).

I am vegan / I have a certain food allergy, do you provide alternative cousine?

We can serve also completely vegan food. If you have an allergy, please inform us before your arrival about your special needs, so that we can adjust from day one.

I am fruitarian/ raw food eater, can I get only raw meals?

We cannot prepare special raw food dishes. We can serve salads and fruit salad. If you are on a vegan-raw diet, we recommend you to visit us  in the months of March, April, September and October. The other months are too cold to be on a fully raw diet. Many fruits are not seasonal in winter. 

Can I drink the tab water?

NO, please don`t drink the tab water at any time. We supply filtered water for everybody at the school. You can use the tab water to brush your teeth and shower.

Can I eat the street  food?

While your course goes on we advise you to eat only sattvic food from the Yoga center. India has a big variety of very tasty and unique street food; remember your immune system might not be used to certain bacteria, so we recommend you to eat only in hygienic places and if freshly prepared in front of you.

Dress code: What should I wear at the training?


  • At the ceremony we will wear white clothes
  • At classes wear comfortable clothes that cover your knees and T-shirts or tops must cover your belly. Please wear a bra underneath.
  • At outdoorplatform also wear clothes that cover your knees and belly. SportsBra only is not permitted at the entire open space of the Ashram. 
  • Going out – If you walk around the village please cover your legs and shoulders.

Read more in “What to bring”

Even if you have never been to India before, you will soon realize and feel the warmth and open hearts of the local people. However in terms of dresses Indian culture is different to what you might be used to from your home country. We kindly ask you to respect this part of Indian culture to make your stay as comfortable as possible.

Who can join our YOGA Teacher Training in India?

  • Anyone can join who is physically fit and mentally healthy*
    Pratham YOGA TTC is an intensive 4 week training to deepen your knowledge and understanding about Yoga. It is good to know before that the course is a positive challenge for body, mind and emotionally. You should feel physically fit and prepared in basic practice of Asana. Students should be motivated and ready for a wonderful life changing experience.
  • You should have practiced Yoga before to become a certified teacher 
    Any participant who intends to become a certified teacher should have practiced Yoga before at least in courses or should develop a regular self-practice of basic Asanas. This is in order to protect students from injury but also because at Pratham Yoga we believe that 200 hrs YTTC is not suitable for beginners. Beginners are very welcome to join our Retreats or 100hrs TTC.
  • Be open to transform & learn from the Master & from each other
    Participants  should be open to transform, open to let go of old patterns and to built a structure for a new beginning. At Pratham Yoga one learns not only from the Master, but also from each other and most important from oneself. Be ready to surrender yourself for the time of your course to the content and schedule (participation obligatory).
  • You should have practiced Yoga before to become a certified teacher (Applies for 200hrs TTC)
    Any participant who intends to become a certified teacher should have practiced Yoga before at least in courses or should develop a regular self-practice of basic Asanas. This is in order to protect students from injury but also because at Pratham Yoga we believe that 200 hrs YTTC is not suitable for beginners. Beginners are very welcome to join our Retreats or 100hrs TTC.
  • You can join with the aim to teach afterwards, or just for your self experience
    Many people join a TTC just for experience and self-development without the aim of teaching afterwards. This is a wonderful way to move closer to know yourself and you are very welcome to join as well.
    Experience and self-development ♥ move closer to know yourself 

I am a beginner of Yoga Asana - can I join 200 hrs YTTC?

Especially if you intend to become a certified teacher should have practiced the basics of Yoga before (Applies only for 200hrs TTC). Participants who have developed self-practice before joining, found the physical part of Yoga (Asana) to be less challenging.  This frame is set in order to protect students from injury but also because at Pratham Yoga we believe that 200 hrs YTTC is not suitable for beginners. Yoga is a life journey, there is no need to run, if you can walk and observe the beauty around you!

Beginners are very welcome to join our Retreats or 100hrs TTC ♥ which both can be amazing opportunities to take the first step into Yoga practice and explore what Yoga is about. 

What should I bring with me?

  • ***=required
  • 2 Passport and 2 Visa Copies ***
  • Passport with valid Visa for the total amount of your course***
  • Cash (for your outstanding payment) and for your personal expanses at weekend trips
  • valid ATM Card (for best exchange rate. Please inform your bank about your Travel to India!)
  • Travel health insurance (advised)
  • Clothes according to season (please check the section "climate" and "dress-code")
  • House shoes or clean slippers for inside the building
  • Two pairs of shoes: sandals and also walking/running shoes
  • A journal
  • A torch/ flashlight (There are often power cuts in India)
  • Camera
  • All necessary medications if you need certain one. You can get medicines here too, but not the same brands like at home
  • For Ladies: Sanitary Pads/Moon Cup/Tampons,.. ( all Available in our shop if you forget.)
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Reusable water bottle / thermos in winter (Available at our Shop)
  • Power converter/plug adapters if necessary
  • Cords to any electronics 
  • Alarm clock
  • Towel
  • Hairdryer (only in winter)
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Organic toiletries products (are available at our shop)
  • Nail trimmers
  • Toothbrush and paste (ayurvedic paste is available at our shop)
  • Yoga related books for your free time (optional)
  • Musical instrument (optional)
  • colors and pens if you like to draw and paint (optional)

What should I leave at home?

  • Malaria pills
  • Mosquito net
  • Toilet paper
  • Laundry soap (can be purchased here)
  • Sleeping bag (we provide quilts and fresh bed sheets every week)

How to reach Pratham Yoga?

There are 4 ways to reach Rishikesh/ Pratham Yoga:

  1. Plane:
    Most convenient and fastest travel option. Planes are going frequently from New Delhi Domestic Airport or any other Airport in India. You can book your ticket online to DED (Dehradun), which is the closest airport to Rishikesh. From there you can take our free Taxi pick up if you arrive on the arrival day. You can inform us to arrange our Taxi Pick UP for you. If you wish to arrive earlier you can hire the taxi  by yourself (800 to 1000 INR).
    Duration: max. 45 minutes flight, 45m minutes drive
    Price: between 1500 (23.30 USD) and 3000 Rps (46.70 USD)  for airfares.
  2. Taxi from DELHI:
    Duration: around 7 hours depending on traffic. -> We cannot arrange the taxi pick up from DEL for you, please be aware that there are some scammers at Delhi Airport and try to over charge you for the taxi. Never go with a taxi which has another person sitting in the taxi except the driver. You should only book with the pre-booked taxi service counter at the exit gate. Price: around 4000 rps  (54.50 USD or 46.30 €) 
  3. Train:
    Book a train in advance online either go to the “Tourist Quota” in Delhi Train station to get your ticket. However this option is only for those who are interested in a bit of a travel experience and those who really have enough time to reach (you have to book the ticket minimum 2 days before (!) departure. You can choose between 1st ,2nd,3rd AC or sleeper class (non AC). Get down in Rishikesh station.
    Duration: around 6 - 8 hours (if not delayed)
    Price: depending on choice and availability of class (fares are very low).
  4. Bus: You can get cheap bus tickets online or in any travel agency or the main bus station. The buses go frequently and are adventurous, you can see a lot of Indian highways and countryside. If you arrive by bus please make sure to arrive between 7am and 7pm so we can arrange a pick up for you. 

Things to know before booking flights

We recommend to all our students to take enough time off to join this course. Best would be to arrive at least one day before the training starts, in order to ground yourself and meet your fellow students who join the course. Rishikesh is reachable by train / car in around 7 hours (approximately!), so if you want to rest before coming here you can stay one night in Delhi – however still you have to come one day before the training starts. On the first day there will be the opening ceremony in the morning and the introduction of teachers and students. Both events are already part of the course and obligatory to join.

For the convenience of our students we offer free accommodation one day prior starting the course. Make sure you can participate until the last day of the training for your own advantage of joining the closing ceremony. The Closing Ceremony is in the morning of the final day, afterwards  is the last breakfast/lunch together and room checkout.

Which airport is the closest?

 If you wish to continue your travel to Rishikesh by plane you can book a connection flight to DED [Dehradun national airport], which is the closest airport to our Location in Rishikesh. Inform us by email (  if you want to book a taxi for you.

At DELHI airport:

New Delhi international Airport is quite big but easy to get around. At some times Delhi airport can get very busy, please read carefully:

  • If you have direct transfer from DEL to DED with a short gap in between your flights: If there are lots of people in the immigration in DEL and you are in a hurry to catch your net flight to DED, please don't hesitate to ask people to let you go first.
  • Most flights to DED depart from the DOMESTIC airport, it means you have to change the Terminal and check in your luggage again. 

However if you have any questions at the airport, please ask airport staff only to receive the right information. You can find cash machine ATM or currency exchange easily right before the exit [inside the building]. We advise you to withdraw money directly there, since you will need your first Rupees as soon as you leave the airport to pay for further transport (also if you only change the terminal).

Which Visa I should apply for?

To join a Yoga Teacher Training Course at our school please apply for a regular TOURIST VISA to visit India. In your Visa application form please do not mention that you are going to join a Yoga Teacher Training Course, to avoid further inspectations. Pratham Yoga cannot supply you a student visa for this course.

Do you provide Yoga mats?

Yes, we provide all you need to practice with us at Pratham Yoga: mats, pillows, belts, blankets and blocks. At the moment we have normal Yoga mats do practice on. If you wish you can also bring your own mat along.



What do you provide?

  • 3 vegetarian meals a day (please inform us before in case of allergy)
  • Smoothie/ Juice/ fruit according to season
  • Herbal Tea, filter water
  • Accommodation in shared room (private room for additional charges available).
  • Course book and material, neti pot, rubber neti, pen and notebook
  • Yoga mats and props are at the Yoga hall 
  • Classes of all subjects according to syllabus 
  • Weekend trips* to various destinations (private expanses  at the trips are not included)

What do we expect from you?

  • Please give us 100% during the time of your course.
  • Try to come like an empty book, and write the pages full at our course.
  • Come with an open mind and be ready and open to receive knowledge and go beyond your imaginations.
  • Expect less. Live more. The course is what you make out of it.
  • Attend all classes unless you become ill. If you are ill you must report to a staff member that you will be missing class.
  • Please respect our teacher and staff member.
  • Please respect the culture, local village people and area.
  • Dress adequately.
  • During the duration of the course want our students to have the full yogic lifestyle experience. Therefore please stay away from intoxicants on school premises.
  • In case of any concern /problem please always come to ask us directly. We are always willing to help you.

Why do I need a travel healthcare insurance?

India is a quite reasonable country, especially for those with western origin. However in hospitals even small things can turn into a big bill to pay. Therefore YES, we recommend anyone to buy a travel insurance before leaving your country.

-> Pratham YOGA does NOT pay any medical bills in case of injury.

Will there be an exam to complete the course?

Yes there will be 2 theoretical and 1 practical exam to complete your course successfully.

Money & Shopping

At  Pratham YOGA Center area: 

In this area shopping possibilities are limited, since we are located in a laid back and quiet village area. We have a small shop at the center with healthy snacks and some useful items.

ATM is available at Shyampur main highway road, reachable by Rickshaw.


In Rishikesh, tourist ara

Rishikesh is a tourist center and therefore you can find many  shops to buy many Yoga related items, clothes, Yoga mat bags, Yoga books (on very low prices and maybe not available at your home country), souvenirs, jewelry, singing bowls etc. in Laxmanjhula and Ramjhula area. Also to visit the traditional market in the Rishikesh city center is a quite experience.

You can find ATM cash machines all over Rishikesh to withdraw money which is the cheapest option to get Rupees, some shops are also accepting a credit card payment.


Can I teach after completing the 200 hours YTTC ?

Pratham Yoga does it's best to offer you the best possible education one can receive in a 200 hours YTTC. We put a strong emphasis on helping our students to gain the necessary confidence to become a teacher. Our 200 hours course is a great foundation for the first steps in teaching Yoga, if somebody is motivated and has right amount of self confidence and can keep a persistent self practice, from our point of few such a student can definitely teach classes straight after the course. 

However a 200 hours YTTC should never be the last stop on the journey of Yoga study, since these are only the roots which are very necessary for a tree to grow and survive any kind of hindrances. 

Keep your practice up after completing the course, keep learning from other teachers and start practicing to teach right away if you feel!

Can I teach after completing a 100 hrs YTTC?

The 100 hours YTTC is a great introduction into Yoga also for beginners. It is more for one self, to explore and get to know what Yoga is about. After completing this course, you don't have gathered enough knowledge to teach Yoga yet. We recommend you to either complete a second 100 hours course with us, or even better join us or any other school for a 200 hours course later on. 

Can I register myself at Yoga Alliance after this course?

Yes, after completing the course successfully,  you will receive a RYT 200 hour certificate and be able to register yourself  as a teacher at Yoga Alliance. (The registration fees are not included in our course program.) 

Do I need any vaccinations for my stay in Rishikesh?

Please inform yourself at your doctor before leaving. 

Rishikesh is not a Malaria Area. Please don't take Malaria preventive medication while the YTTC.

You don't need Rabies and thickness injection. 

Many people are vaccined against Hepatitis. 

*Pratham Yoga does not take any responsibility for any kind of health problem.

I am pregnant – can I still attend the course?

In case you are pregnant at moment we are advising you to sign up for a course later on. The course is very intense and there is not much time to rest, many Asanas  should be avoided throughout pregnancy. During the training there is not enough time to adjust each class to a prenatal class. 

If you already now Prenatal Yoga and still want to join while practicing your own variations, you can do that on your own risk. 


Pratham Yoga offers also Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training, you can think of joining this instead.

I got pregnant after signing up (and paying the 210$), can I join?

Also in this case we have to advise you to cancel your booking. The fee of 210$ can be refunded only if you send us the original statement of your gynaecologist to attest your pregnancy. If you wish, or in case you cannot provide a confirmation of your pregnancy, we can save up your 210$ to join the course later on.

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