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  • We offer great discounts for all INDIAN applicants in 2022
  • All inclusive international certified Yoga teacher training
  • Try our online classes to get an idea of what its like to study at Pratham YOGA

Important Note due to CoV19 for INTERNATIONAL & NATIONAL students

  • GOOD NEWS: WE HAVE REOPENED and run IN PERSON COURSES since January 2022 !
  • BEST customer service, because we love our students and know life is unpredictable
  • We offer FLEXIBLE Booking conditions on all upcoming courses in 2022&23
  • INDIAN STUDENTS: Special offers for all Indian participants for 2022 & 2023
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100, 200 & 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Courses in 2022/23

200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Courses in 2023

1 - 26 Feb

Fully booked Inkl. Room heater

  • 200 hrs

4 - 29 Mar

$ 1090

  • 200 hrs
  • 5 seats open

2 - 27 April

$ 1290

  • 200 hrs
  • 10 seats open

1 - 26 May

$ 1290

  • 200 hrs
  • 10 seats open

2 - 27 July

$ 1290

  • 200 hrs
  • 11 seats open

300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training Courses in 2022/23

Oct 4 to Oct 31

$ 1050

  • 300 hrs
  • Advanced YTTC

April 2023

$ 1490 Inkl. Air Con

  • 300 hrs
  • Advanced YTTC
  • Early bird discount -20% until Jan 2023

UPCOMING 100 hrs Yoga Intensive Training Courses 2022

Sept 4


  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Oct 4

$ 490

  • 100 hrs / 14 days

Nov 6


  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Dec 4

$ 490

  • 100 hrs / 15 days

Yoga Retreat in Rishikesh

7 days Retreat


  • flexible dates

10 days Retreat


  • flexible Dates

14 days Retreat


  • flexible dates

YTTC Fees including

  • Lessons of all subject (schedule)
  • Neti Pot and Rubber Neti for Kriya Yoga
  • Hand out / course book
  • Accommodation in shared room
  • Food and drinks
  • Consultation w. Ayurveda Dr.
  • Free Airport pick up
  • Free Prenatal Yoga introduction
  • Free healthy Snack upon arrival
  • Ganga beach Yoga class
  • Weekend trips to spiritual destinations

Please mind: All prices include shared room accommodation. Private rooms are available on request.

including $210 (US Dollars) registration fee to reserve your seat


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    Payment of registration fees

    Click on the button to pay the deposit fees of $250 (US Dollars)*

    *NO added transaction fees - Pratham YOGA pays your transaction. The remaining course fees of your chosen package have to be paid at your arrival.

    Terms and Conditions: 

    • All prices include shared rooms.
    • Deposit fees are NON-refundable. If you would like to join the course at later time it is possible to keep it signed up.
    • The remaining course fees have to be paid at your arrival.
    • Course packages cannot be changed after your arrival.
    • Once the course fees are paid they are non refundable.
    • In case of cancellation, students have to inform at least 30 days before the course starts.
    • Male and female students are not allowed to share a room unless they apply together as couple.
    • Applicants have to inform about any physical and mental health problem or pregnancy before booking the course.
    • While the course we encourage our students to focus on Yoga related scriptures only, please avoid media or books with other content during the YTTC.
    • It is not allowed to bring food/drinks which are non-sattvic (non vegetarian) from outside into the training center.
    • It is not allowed to bring people from outside the Yoga course into your room.
    • It is not allowed to engage into any physical relation with our teachers or staff members.
    • All students have to engage into Karma Yoga activities.
    • The use of any intoxicant is strictly prohibited and will not be tolerated inside the school premises.
    • Teachers and staff members as well as fellow students are to be treated friendly and respectful at any time.
    • The exams in the end of the course are obligatory to join for every student in order to receive the certificate. (Except medical emergencies).
    • Students have to attend all the classes except of any illness.
    • The yoga hall is considered as a sacred space. Therefore it is not allowed to enter with shoes or bring food. Wifi/Data must be switched off during classes.
    • Dress respectfully in the whole school area and also while taking walk in the village. (Please take a look at our FAQ).
    • Pratham Yoga is not taking responsibility for any kind of injury during your stay. We strongly advise you to mind the instructor’s safety guidelines and listen to your body.
    • Pratham Yoga does not pay any medical bills due to illness or injury. Book a Travel insurance to cover your expanses of medical bills.
    • Pratham Yoga does not take and responsibility for any loss within the school premises, use the room saves to store your valuables.
    • While all dining times and every morning students have to follow noble silence.
    • After 10 pm students are required to take rest inside their room. Even if you are not tired yet, please respect the other’s need to sleep.
    • All students have to check out their room on the last day of the course at 12 AM.
    • Pratham Yoga has the right to change and adjust schedules according to availability of teachers and dynamic of the group. (This is referring to small changes and does not effect the total amount of lessons)
    • In case you wish to change your course you must inform 30 days before your arrival. Pratham Yoga has the right to decline your reservation in case your newly selected course is not matching Pratham Yoga's booking and reservation plan.
    • If you decide to leave early, you still have to pay the full amount of your chosen course package. (Even if this decision was being made before course beginning).


    All the above listed rules must be followed by every student at any time during the whole stay of the course. If the teachers or staff of Pratham Yoga observes any violation of the Terms of conditions, the student has to leave the course without any refund of the fees.

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