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• Are you looking to be guided by a genuine Yoga trainer at the comfort of your living room?
• Are you ready to invest in your own well-being and choose to live your best version?
• Do you love to practice at home but can’t get started alone?
• Do you catch yourself interrupting and postponing your self-practice at home?

Besides well known on-site Yoga Retreats, workshops and Teacher Training Courses, Pratham Yoga also offers high quality face to face Online Yoga programs via Zoom.

What does ‘face to face ONLINE’ mean?

Face to Face ONLINE means that all our online classes are taught LIVE over zoom, so the Yoga trainer can observe your practice and guide you individually through the postures, breathing techniques eg. if posture corrections are needed in order to protect your body from injury.

Which classes do we offer at the online program?

Our online program is a composition of high quality  Hatha & Vinyasa Yoga Asana classes with integrated Pranayama breathing techniques, dynamic Meditation, Pregnancy Yoga.

Sign up for one of our packages and choose whatever class you want to join from our schedule.

Who can join?

Really anyone who is motivated to start a great Yoga practice with professional guidance is welcome at our Online classroom, no matter is you are new to Yoga or an experienced practitioner! Classes are for beginner, internediate or advanced.

If you join Prenatal Yoga, we advice to start with beginning of 2nd Trimester , anytime after completing your 12th week of pregnancy.

Who will be your trainer?

Our teachers all hold a 500 hrs RYT degree and have thousands of hours teaching practice experience. Vijay Ji and Rahul Ji are the main Yoga trainers for the online program, both hold a Master degree in Yogic Sciences.

Pregnancy Yoga classes are taught by Carolin, who is a well experienced international teacher.

Choose your suitable package and book your seat at our online program via Paypal:

Our Online Yoga programs:

  • 1x Trial Ticket: This is a great chance to try one of our online classes before deciding to buy a bigger package, or it is a great way to add an online class to your schedule every now and then.
  • 5x Trial Ticket: This ticket is recommended for people who want to try a couple of classes for a fair rate, to get a better impression of what our courses might be like. It also is a great way to start off your practice without making a too big commitment.
  • 8x Yoga Immersion: A great way to invest into your well-being and committing to a more regular practice to dive deeper into exploring Yoga, Pranayama and Meditation.
  • Unlimited Joy of Yoga: This is the ultimate chance to practice regularly with great devotion and joy. It is great for people who like to dive deep into the matter over a longer time period, or for those who already are used to practice more often. Your advantage is that you can join spontaneously and any lass at any time!
  • Private Class: Book your personal private class to get chance to practice with Yoga Master Vijay Ji with individual guidance, focusing on your personal development and balance of your body, mind and soul. This is a unique opportunity to work on specific fields of either your choice or - if preferred – of Vijay Ji’s master advice.

Packages and fees: FIRST CLASS is FREE !

(international Prices listed in Euro, Indian citizen refer to price in INR)

5x trial ticket

  • 28 Euro (valid for 4 weeks) // 500 INR

12 x Yoga immersion

  • 60 Euro // 1900 INR

Private class

  • 10 USD // 500 INR


  • 49 $
  • 12 hours video material

PRANYAMA for better sleep

  • 40 $
  • 4 hours video material

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