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PRATHAM YOGA - Registered Yoga School - 200 & 300 hour RYT – Yoga Alliance, USA

Pratham Yoga is offering RYT certified 100, 200 & 300 hour teacher training courses in the outskirts of Rishikesh, India. After completing our training successfully, ongoing teachers can register themselves through Yoga Alliance.

100 hrs YTTC and Pregnancy Yoga Teacher Trainings are certified by Pratham YOGA India LLP.


  • Quality always goes before quantity

    At Pratham Yoga quality always goes before quantity. It is very important for us to supply you a teacher training course in a setting which is beneficial for your path as a student and future teacher. We want you to get the most out of this life changing experience, also if you join the course just for self experience.

  • Years of teaching experience

    All teachers of Pratham Yoga have years of teaching experience in various schools as well as a stable self-practice which makes their teaching authentic. Pratham Yoga focuses on clarity and the importance of understanding the complete content and transmitted knowledge of all classes. Therefore you can ask questions at any time, even after your course is complete, always feel free to contact in case of any questions arise regarding to teaching and self-practice.  

  • Small groups

    We made the decision to limit the amount of participants to a maximum of 12 students to offer a higher quality training. This makes it an unique learning experience possible where each student gets opportunity of an individual practice approach and personal interaction with each teacher. At Pratham Yoga we create valuable relations, connections and mentorships which may last for a life time! 

  • AYURVEDA as part of the Training

    Within our 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh we give our students the opportunity to learn from experienced masters of their subject to guarantee highest standard of education at Pratham Yoga. Besides our Anatomy teacher who is a Physiotherapist we also have an Ayurveda Doctor in our Yoga Teacher Training Team. Ayurveda is a major part of the healing art of the ancient Vedic system which has great impact on the medical part of Yoga.

  • Support a small Family operated Yoga Center

    What makes Pratham Yoga different is that we are a small family operated Yoga School ♥  We put our hole heart into creating the most beautiful and valuable learning experience possible while offering all the care and support you need on this journey! Joining a small Training center means you are more than a number to us, we want to get to know you and your practice path from day one onewards and will also be in touch with you after out course, when ever you like!  Your stay at Pratham Yoga will feel like a home stay !

  • Weekly sharing circles and Mentorship

    Yogini Carolin organizes weekly sharing circles for our Teacher Training groups, in which everyone gets chance to share and speak what they experience throughout the past week. This is an important ritual in order to connect with each other on a deeper level and give each other chance to express and be heard ♥

  • Traditional and modern approach

    Pratham Yoga is one of the very few schools in India which offer the amazing opportunity to learn both: We teach ancient Yogic Knowledge in such a way that it can be used in our modern world which makes it easier to apply the knowledge no matter where you come from ♥ 

  • Amazing Location

    One thing which makes Pratham Yoga different to most other schools in Rishikesh is our choice of Location. We believe that the perfect environment for such a deep experience is best to be set away from the busy Laxmanjhula and Ramjhula market area, where one building covers the next one and many shops and restaurants with non yogic food draw away the students attention from their main purpose of becoming a Yoga Teacher or to go deeper into their practice.

    We chose a very beautiful, quiet and sattvic location for our lovely Yoga center, surrounded by nature and in front of River Ganga. No traffic noise, no sound pollution, no distraction through shops and tourist masses.

  • Female and Male teachers team

    At Pratham Yoga we put great importance on supporting women in India, knowing that women have immense potential and make wonderful and caring teachers. Especially in a Yoga Teacher Training course we find it important to keep an energtic balance of masculine and feminine energies, which make a personal approaches possible and also we can handle sensitive topics with the necessary care. Whenever possible Pratham Yoga tries to offer open positions to female teachers ♥





  • Best Quality Teacher Training course




Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

Through Pratham Yoga our aim is to share and spread Yoga understanding with best of our intention in order to connect people on a heart level, improve self-love and stepping closer towards knowing who you truly are. Through Yoga all beings may develop compassion and finally realise oneness and union within everything. Further the health benefits of Yoga are inevitable and will little by little change one´s life into a more fulfilling, meaningful and grateful experience.

In matter of Asanas our aim is to guide you through a stable health conscious practise which protects your body, yet helps you to build strength, stability, flexibility, concentration, awareness.

Through the training one should develop a sense of harmonious sequencing, confidence, and discipline in order to build a profound base to grow as a Yoga Teacher.

Finally we want to say that our aim is following

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu – May all beings in all of the worlds be happy and free”

Asana, Alignment, Pranayama, Kriya, Methodology

Yoga Acharya Vijay Dutt

Founder and main teacher of PRATHAM YOGA, Master of Yogic science.

Yogi Vijay Ji grew up in a Brahmin family from Rishikesh as a son of a spiritual mother who is a Bhakti Yoga practitioner and a father who joined the military. Especially the influence of his mother made him to be confronted with spirituality since his childhood. After completing studies in conventional fields he quickly realized his wish to enter the fields of Yoga and started to study under the guidance of his master in Rishikesh and later completed the Master degree of Yogic Science in Haridwar (gratuated in 2015). 

Since then he is practicing and teaching various Yoga styles such as Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Pranayama, Adjustent & Alignment , Mantra chanting and Yogic Kriya (Cleansing ).

Yogi Vijay Ji is very well known for his great knowledge of unique sequences, variations, adjustments and enthusiastic, energetic teaching approach.

He was training many ongoing teachers in well-known Yoga schools of Rishikesh, Thailand, and France over the past decade, before he decided to start his own heart project - Pratham Yoga Retreat and Training center in 2017  with the calling to create holistic, affordable Yoga courses with individual approach in smaller groups, high quality standards. Further he is very well grounded in his self-practice, and a lot of his teachings come directly from his own self experience.

Besides his love for Yoga, Vijay Ji enjoys to play Volleyball, speding time in nature and travelling. 


Ayurveda, Yogic Nutrition, Pre- & Postnatal Yoga Yogini Carolin Dutt

Carolin teaches Yogic Nutrition, Ayurveda, Prenatal Yoga at Pratham Yoga. She also organizes additional classes if there is enough space with Bhajan (Mantra) and healing art's. Further Carolin is known as the female ankor of Pratham Yoga, who is always on the mission to assist the students through the various processes during the courses. She organizes weekly sharing circles and puts strong importance on a personal setting with all participants.

Carolin Dutt has been attracted to eastern philosophies  since her teenager time, when she felt drawn to study more about Buddhism and Hinduism. She discovered Yoga as her healing path more than 14 years ago and has been practicing ever since. She practices Vipassana meditation for some time and strongly believes in the powerful healing effect of meditation.

She is not only a great asana teacher (prenatal pregnancy yoga and postnatal, Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga) but also an artist which made her combine yoga and art in her meditative painting workshops in Austria. She has completed a 200 hrs Hatha Yoga RYS TTC and did further courses and trainings in Rishikesh in Vinyasa and Iyengar Yoga. She completed her Prenatal YTTC in Vienna, Austria and another Training in India. 

Yogini Carolin was studying psychology before she decided to start her journey on her alternative healing path. She has developed a vast knowledge about Ayurveda and yogic nutrition over the years and after joining several lectures of well known doctors in Rishikesh, India.


Carolin Dutta Pratham Yoga
Carolin Dutt

Meditation & Yoga Philosophy: Yogaacharya Siddhant Ji

Acharya Siddhant ji teaches Meditation and Yoga Philosophy at Pratham Yoga Retreats and Teacher Training. All students highly value his high knowledge, kind and compassionate nature that. Yogi Siddhant has a vast knowledge of various meditation techniques and is a outstanding mentor for anyone who want to practice meditation on a deeper level. His techqniues are suitable for absolute beginners of meditation, and is great way of explaining the steps towards mediation are eye opening and profound. 

At Pratham Yoga we are truly grateful to have him as part of the Yogi Family.

How his journey started:

Yogaacharya Siddhant was on a journey through India as a spiritual seeker, with the deep urge to dive into self realization and deep practices of Yoga. His path led him finally to Rishikesh where he started his intense sadhana (daily spiritual practice) by the banks of river Ganga and hills of the Himalayas, a common magnet for men and women who dive into their journey to their selves. By that time he visited different great Sadhus (vedic monks) and Yogis of the Himalayas to discover the unique spititual practices and unlock the secret of life. 

All those techniques made a very powerfull impact on Siddhant and his spiritual transformation. 

In his personal practice as well as guidance and mentoring Acharya Siddhant focusses on Hatha Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Philosophy as well as Pranayama as all of these help one to cultivate the right attidude of gratitude for complete spiritual growth.

Yogaacharya Siddhant
Yogaacharya Siddhant

Dr. Swati Bijwalan, Ayurveda Medicine

Dr. Swati Bijwalwan is a dedicated Ayurveda practitioner from Dehradun, India. At Pratham Yoga Dr. Swati comes for our students consultations and helps each student to know more about themselves, and find a balancing lifestyle routine and diet to improve one's wellbeing.  During her consultatios he determine one's Prakriti (known as dosha, or body mind type) and Vakriti (state of imbalance) and focusses in recreating the natural balance of body, mind and soul. 

In Dehradun she runs her own clinic and offers various Ayurvedic treatsments on site. Together with Yogini Carolin Dutt she builds a complete Introduction to Ayurveda, the sister science of Yoga.

Dr. Swati (BAMS)
Dr. Swati (BAMS)
Dr Greece JI

Anatomy: Dr. Greece Ji

Dr. Greece Ji teaches Yoga Anatomy Level 1 & 2 at Pratham Yoga for 200 and 300 hrs Yoga Teacher Training courses. His quality lies in teaching the topic of Anatomy with joy and in-depth expertise, making the classes easy to understand even for people with no pre-knowledge of the topic. He is very well known for his gentle & calm personality.

Mr. Greece Ji not only follows a spiritual path but also he is well educated and holds following degrees:

N.D. Doctor of Naturophathy, graduated in Rishikesh 2012

Y.D. Doctor of Yogic Sciences, graduated in Rishikesh 2012

Rahul Chamoli
Asana II

Asana Level 1 & 2 : Yogi Rahul Chamoli

Rahul Chamoli was born in Rishikesh the world capital of Yoga. Before his path in Yoga Rahul Ji did bachelor degree in hospitality/hotel administration in Orissa. After 5 years of working in Maldives he felt a strong urge to change his life completely and started to study Yoga from his friends and teachers Vijay Ji and Narendra Ji back home in Rishikesh. Under the guidance of his Guru Ji he studied Yoga Philosophy, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga for a long time with devoted self-practise. Rahul Ji was teaching for nearly 3 years at Nomad Yoga Center, Vietnam in both regular courses and Yoga teacher trainings as a Philosophy and Asana teacher. He later founded his own center and travels to India seasonally to teach at Pratham Yoga.

Asana: Manoj Ji

Manoj Negi is an enthusiastic Yoga Asana teacher of Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. At Pratham Yoga Teacher Training and Retreats he teaches activating afternoon sequences which great focus on variations and posture correction. His classes are known to build a great foundation for a stable self practice routine and memorable sequences for futures Yoga Teachers. His classes are an exceptional support in building up physical and mental strength and flexibility. Further Manoj Ji has a vast knowledge about Hindu culture and History of India which he loves to share about at our excursions.

Besides his love for Yoga, Manoj Ji enjoys to explore places, study about vedic tales and spend quality time with his friends. 

Manoj Ji
Manoj Ji
Usha Ji
Usha Ji
Massage Therapist

Ayurveda Massage Therapist

Mrs. Usha works as Ayurveda Massage Therapist at Pratham Yoga Center. With nearly 20 years of experience in the Ayurveda wellness and health field, she is a therapist with great knowledge . Usha Ji is a highly professional therapist who offers a variety of treatments which can be booked by students and participants. 

Philosophy, Vedanta

"Give me the heart of a servant
Tender and faithful and true
Fill me with love then use me O lord,
So that the world can see you"🕉
One of the great team members and masters of Rishikesh has left his body in May 2023.
Yoga Simon Ji will be remembered as a dear friend, and master full of wisdom for life and beyond. 
He has transformed thousands of life through the profound teachings of Yoga Philosophy, Vedanta, Bhagawat Gita and Patanjali Yoga Sutras. 
But more than this, he was also a great mentor to many who where desperate to live a life in harmony and freedom of mental obstacles.
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