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I just finished my 200 hours YTTC and the experience was amazing. The teachers shared their great knowledge with us in a very understandable way. The course went so much deeper than I expected and I learned a lot about myself. Great teachers, delicious food and the most beautiful peaceful location. A school with a big heart. Thank you and Namaste!

Camilla, Norway | February 2019


I was lucky enough to be one of the first students of the Pratham Yoga 200hrs TTC. And 5 stars are not enough to express the way I feel about this training! 
Master Vijay Ji is not only an amazing yoga asana teacher, he is also the passionate and carring founder of the school. 
Why you'll love it at Pratham yoga: 
° small groups of 8-10 students, which means a lot of personal attention, 
° Adjustment, alignment and even teaching yourself from the start (in other trainings this often starts only in week 4)
° Skillfull, knowledgeable and authentic teachers, 
°Extra workshops (eg. ayruveda, student/teacher relationships, dynamic meditation -->I assume this can change from course to course) to let you explore more than what is in general included in a standard TTC,
° At the time I did my training accommodation and meals where provided by Pyramid café. And the food was great! They cared so much about making sure we had all the fuel to get us through our intens days, 
° Nice outings with the group on the days off (sunrise kunjapuri temple visit, meditation cave, rafting, ...)

I had the best time at Pratham Yoga and feel prepared starting to teach yoga myself now. In time I hope to also do a 300hrs TTC and gt to study with Master Vijay Ji again. 


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Lara, Belgium, February 2018


I was fortunate enough to complete my 200hr Yoga Teacher Training through Pratham Yoga in Rishikesh March of 2018. An experience I will never forget! At the time of our training, a smaller sized group, we were situated in Laxman Jhula area of Rishikesh but located back above the hustle and bustle of the main streets, a place called Pyramid Cafe. Everything we needed was situated in one very convenient location surrounded by trees, monkeys, dogs, and some of the most genuine people I have ever met in my entire life. Our daily schedule began, for me at least promptly at 5:15AM Monday through Saturday and consisted of Mantra Chanting, Pranayama, Asana [Morning & Evening], Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, and Meditation. Fortunately for myself and my group we were small which meant more one on one time with all our experienced teachers. More time to bounce theories off of one another, and dive deep into Patanjali's Yoga Sutras with our wonderfully enthusiastic philosophy teacher. More time to throw ourselves into letting go, through many different types of dynamic meditations, with multiple instructors throughout the course. More time for understanding proper adjustments and alignments through our asana practice, Vijay made sure to allot specific time and energy to thoroughly exhibit and explain every pose we asked of him. On our weekly holidays [Sundays] we spent time as a group exploring different areas of the city through walking, rafting, and meandering Mother Ganga and the beautiful mountains surrounding Rishikesh. We gained knowledge, insight and understandings of the traditions of yoga and were able to incorporate these practices into our own teaching experience towards the end of the course. 
I would absolutely recommend Pratham Yoga for anyone looking to take their personal practice to the next level. You will be engulfed by nothing but love! Namaste!

Casey, USA | March 2018


Pratham Yoga is a great place to study yoga. All the teachers are very educated and experienced. The structure of every day was planned really well. The teaching style of both Asana teachers was great and different from each other, which was very beneficial. Meditation classes were surprisingly powerful. I have to admit I didn’t expect that. The accommodation was also amazing. I enjoyed having a little room and bathroom for myself. Food was excellent, and all the staff was very kind and helpful. I definitely felt like a part of a big family. That feeling was very strong mainly when I got sick. Vijay and his family took amazing care of me. I’m very thankful for that. The whole month went too fast. I gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I think I’m ready to start teaching yoga. I also learned a lot about myself, which is very helpful for future life. I was very happy to study in Pratham Yoga, and I’m already planning to come back for 300Hr YTTC next year. Thank you so much everybody! Namaste.

Martina, CZECH Republic | February 2018


Vijay Ji was my ashtanga yoga teacher in rishikesh during one whole month. What I can say is that his love to the practice, the way he teaches, and everything is five stars.

I finished my YTT with him in 2014. Since then I haven't stop practicing, learning, improving and still studying and teaching ashtanga, triying to keep the essence that he trespassed me!

Silvia Devi


Such great experience it was to learn from Vijay Ji during my Yoga Teacher Training in South France. Definitely would love to go and pursue my practice with him in Rishikesh and recommend to anyone.

Vijay Ji is truly passionate about what he is conveying, Yoga as a whole way of life. His charisma, attention and pedagogy really help you to deepen and thrive in your practice. Always happy and good, learning with him is for all those who want to improve in a safe and wholesome way their yoga practice and life.

Feeling blessed our paths crossed, and till i can come to Rishikesh, Congratulations Ji and all the best.

Mathilde Péric, France


Vijay is one of the best Ashtanga teachers I am so blessed to have learned from. Congratulations on the opening of Pratham Yoga! Sending my best wishes & good luck to you my dear teacher. May you continue to inspire others through your teaching! May God bless you more each & every day on your path.

Huong Nguyen


Amazing energy and great potential teacher! Vijay Ji teaches classical yoga traditions in his own creative way. Very harismatic person showed me the way how can i improve my practice and make it interesting for my students, how to make people new in yoga fallen love with yoga!!!! I was blessed to meet him in my yoga journey 🙏 So if you want to know more just go and try 😉 
Om Shanti 

Violetta MaMuang, RUSSIA


I completed my 200 hrs Teacher's Training under the wonderful guidance of Vijay ji, in Rishikesh. His passion and devotion for the practice deeply inspired so many of us.

I am truly blessed to have trained with him and have learned a great wealth of knowledge from him!

His wholesome approach and spirited vibe has definitely moulded me into a confident teacher here in Singapore.

I hope to continue to strive to become a better practitioner and pass on his teachings 🙂

Thank you Vijay Ji! 

Harsheeni Hanna Rajoo


Vijay Apart from being a great teacher is a great human being, with him I did my 300 HRS YTT training in Rishikesh,his classes were intense and full of energy, I learned so much during that month, both asanas and yoga philosophy and also helped me a lot to have confidence and to be able to guide a yoga class and to trust in me in daily life, I am very grateful to have taught me so much.
Congratulations for your school, I hope someday I'll have the opportunity to take classes with you again
God bless you

Jennifer Loera Corella, MEXICO


More than 1,5 years ago I completed my 300 hours with Vijay in all my asana classes. Since I was already teaching, it was good to meet a person who had so much more knowledge and wanted to share. As a teacher you can always learn more 🙂
He is such a great teacher, has an immense knowledge of not only asana, but also energy work, chakras pranayma. He has a deep understanding of life. The things I've learned from him is still clear in my mind. So long after. 
It's amazing when a teacher can make such powerful impact as he did.
Later we also became friends. I am lucky to have met him and his wife and know them. 

Masum Dideriksen, DENMARK


Vijay is an incredibly knowledgeable teacher, with a wealth of experience and a vast amounts of creativity within his yoga practice, I learned so much from him in rishikesh during my 200 hrs teacher training course I did in October/November of 2016. It was a pleasure to get to know him, he is a very light hearted and fun personality to be around. Made us smile and enjoy the yoga as well as maintaining the disciplines of yoga. Kept us well entertained throughout our 6 week course, a well balanced teacher.

Bhavesh Ramji, INDIA