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12 TIPS on how to drink water (according to Ayurveda)


Water is the most important source of fluid for our body.

But only few people are aware that the way we drink water has actually big impact on the amount of benefits we can receive from it.

“Fresh and clean Water is considered as the main source of pranic life-force energy in Yogic Nutrition”,  Nutrition Teacher at Pratham Yoga 

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Many people in modern society are always on a rush and lead a busy lifestyle which has a big and often negative impact on their health. People often drink beverages which are loaded with chemicals such as colors and preservatives, a lot of sugar and processed through pasteurization. But not only the choice of beverage itself has big impact on our well-being,  also the way we consume it makes a difference in the long run. Drinking loads while standing, walking, driving or while having a meal – all those are habits which eventually lead to imbalances in our system.

“Eat your water and drink your food’ –  is a quote which brings it all on the point”, says Greece Ji Pratham Yoga’s Anatomy teacher. “Our food should chewed so well that we can easily swallow it, just like water. Our beverages should be consumed slowly, sip by sip.”

You will see the changes if you follow the steps below – always change your habits step by step, rather than all at once, in order to treat and nurture your body and mind with love ♥


A quick guide to receive BEST BENEFITS of your daily WATER:

  1. Drink fresh high quality water in room temperature in summer time or warmer in all other seasons
  2. Avoid Soda water and chilled water on daily basis (once a week is fine if you wish)
  3. As a daily morning ritual have 2-4 250 ml cups of warm water directly after waking up
  4. Sit down while having your water: our digestion works best while sitting
  5. Have your last bigger water intake 30 minutes before and 1.5 hours after your meal
  6. While having a meal drink only a few sips of warm water if necessary
  7. Avoid having big amounts of water before going to bed or at night time
  8. Avoid having water during your Yoga Asana/Pranayama/ Meditation practice
  9. Drink water 30 to 15 minutes before your class starts and wait 30 minutes after your practice
  10. If you don’t have access to fresh water from a spring because you live in an area where tab water is not drinkable or prepared with chloride  it is better to make your water alkaline by enhancing the water with a few drops of lemon. Additionally this gives extra refreshment, cleanses and rejuvenates your whole system.
  11. Keep your water stored in a pure copper bottle over night and enjoy it’s full benefits on the next day.
  12. Remember: WATER should be the main source of fluid, then comes a moderate amount of herbal tea or fresh juice.


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