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Benefits of Coconut Water

Summer is around the corner and with the heat our desire for a tasty refreshment grows. Fresh coconut water is one of the best natural sources of a super tasty and healthy summer beverage. Here a collection of the great benefits of coconut water but also an ayurvedic & yogic point of view on coconut water ♥

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• Coconut water is a great source of natural electrolytes (great while diarrhea and vomiting)

•It helps to cool down body and mind

• Awesome relief if you suffer from dehydration symptoms such as headaches, dry mouth, eyes, skin

• good against bloating of the abdominal, as it improves digestion

• Good source of Antioxidants

• it can help in prevention of kidney-stones

• It is has detoxifying properties and can assist while fasting and weightloss

• is great for people who suffer from diabetes

• Coconut water offers relieve from muscle cramps

• It helps to calm Pitta

• It helps to reduce acidity

• Coconut water is a very rich source of Prana (Life force energy) and is known to have purifying properties.

Benefits of Coconut Water
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Coconut water from Ayurveda and Yoga perspective:

It is important to remember that it is best to consume coconut water during the warmer seasons of the year, or if a person is suffering from a increased Pitta imbalance. (Pitta is one of the 3 body types of the ayurvedic healing system). Due to the strongly cooling effect of coconut water it is not advised to have coconut water during cold seasons such as fall/ winter and early spring in subcontinental climate zones.

Ayurveda and Yoga both recommend to prefer seasonal and local foods, because they will be best to balance the conditions of the body where you live at. The reason why coconuts are growing in hot climate zones is exactly because of the perfect interaction of nature.

As mentioned above Coconut is an amazing source of Prana and is considered as a very pure sattvic food. Which means it helps increasing our subtle life energy field the same way as all Yogic practices do. However this is only for the FRESH coconut, the pasteurized and packed coconut water has already lost it’s life energy and is not considered sattvic.

Yoga & the sustainability: Another reason to avoid packaged coconut water is of course the bad impact on our environment due to excess garbage production and also import form far away – countries. Best is to enjoy coconut regularly if you live in a sub- or tropical climate or if you are on a holiday.

We wish you a great start in the summer and hope you are lucky enough to enjoy fresh coconut water 🙂

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Pratham Yoga Team

Coconut water from Ayurveda and Yoga perspective
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