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Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh has started | Pratham Yoga

Our new Yoga Teacher Training Course has startet 2 weeks ago and is going very well! Our dear students which gathered in Rishikesh (from Germany, India, South Africa and USA) already made great progress in their practice and today is their first small practical exam. A special thing at Pratham Yoga is that Vijay Ji loves to give the students opportunity to become more comfortable and confident in their teaching practice – that’s why he offers more than only one opportunity to teach a class and get very constructive feedback from master Vijay Ji himself. What else has happened so far?  We had a great walk to a local temple in the area where we enjoyed a great morning Asana and Philosophy class. It is such a gift to be able to practice in this stunning location, surrounded by the himalayan foothills and just next to a sacred temple, both nurtured us with great pranic energy (PRANA means life force energy). Another trip led us to the famous Ganga Arti at Parmath Niketan, where we enjoyed a beautiful sunset while the sacred ritual was taking place. Besides all the Yoga practice in the school, a YTTC at Pratham Yoga India is also a great chance to get new impressions from indian culture and lifestyle. It opens our minds and hearts and lets us grow in a very special way, we are grateful to be able to live such experiences.

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