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Graduation Time at Pratham Yoga

   Graduation time at Pratham YOGA!

We are very happy do have completed the first Yoga Teacher Training Course in Rishikesh with a lovely group of 5 people. Indeed it has been a very emotional and exciting moment, after such an intense month together, practicing up to 8 hours daily and going very deep into the philosophic aspects of Yoga. It was a process of learning not only for the students but also for us as a teachers team and organization, we are so grateful for every moment of this journey. Now finally the day has come and the students can look back on what they have learned throughout the course. Not only about the subjects but also about themselves through daily observance. At this day everybody gathered together for the final ceremony of the course and also to receive the certificate. At this point the certificate seems as an achievement of this intense practice, but actually what really counts, is what we learned on the way and the realization that in the end we don’t know anything. This whole life journey is a process of continuous learning and this is the very reason to be here. The certificate does not make great teachers, but practice does.  Collecting experiences, becoming confident while teaching, keep studying all life. Another important thing is to keep joining other teachers classes as a teacher. It can teach one so much, to get new inputs on the way. The 200 hr certificate really is only the first step of the ladder, but indeed an important one. It is a blessing in so many ways, to learn about the true meaning of Yoga, especially today, where so many misconceptions about Yoga are around. Now it is the time for the students to integrate what they have learned into their daily lives, which can be a challenging part. Staying at the training with full vegetarian food – easy in Rishikesh where meat consumption is prohibited by law and a whole group of people doing the same thing, give support. Staying away from unhealthy patterns is less difficult if a whole group of people does the same with full motivation, but how does it look like at home? When we go back and are surrounded by old constitutions? When old patterns try to fight their way through the new habits? However it is not necessary to keep following all of the lifestyle, but at least try to integrate some things on your path. Especially for those who want to really teach Yoga, it is a matter of authenticity to follow the path of Yoga with a certain sincerity.      

In the end we want to congratulate our students from the heart!

We wish you all the best for your further journey of life!

“‘atha yoga anushasnam'”


Patanjali Yoga Sutra

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