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Who can participate?

Basically anyone can join who is
physically and mentally healthy*

Pratham YOGA TTC is an intensive 4 week training to deepen your knowledge and understanding about Yoga. Basically anyone can join the course who is both physically and mentally healthy*, as well as motivated and ready for a wonderful experience which is life changing for many.

*except pregnancy, read more about pregnancy and TTC at our FAQ.

Be open to transform & learn

from the Master & from each other

Also as a participant one should be open to transform, learn from not only the Master but also from each other and surrender oneself for the time of 4 weeks to the schedule (participation obligatory).

You should have practiced Yoga before

to become a certified teacher

Any participant who intends to become a certified teacher should have practiced Yoga before at least in courses or should develop a regular self-practice.

certificate of 200hr teacher training

You will need to practice regularly

You will finish the course with a certificate of 200hr teacher training. However here we want to mention, that after one month of training you will have the necessary base to continue your path as an ongoing teacher, but you will need to practice regularly to become a fully confident and authentic teacher.

experience and self-development
move closer to know yourself

Many people join a TTC just for experience and self-development without the aim of teaching afterwards. This is a wonderful way to move closer to know yourself and you are very welcome to join as well.

We are very happy to meet you soon and practise with you at Pratham YOGA ♥

Hari OM

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