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SCHOLARSHIP Terms & Conditions

1. Scholarship seats at Pratham Yoga are reserved for only a limited amount of people per year which are coming from backgrounds or life situations which make it difficult to afford a regular TTC. It is given opportunity to people from all over the world regardless their ethnic background, religion or gender who have a deep and serious longing to be a Yoga Instructor.

2. Minimum age of scholarship applicant is 22 years.

3.The cost of your scholarship has to cover accommodation, food, certificate fees and excursions.

4. Scholarship students should already have practiced Yoga before their training a minimum of 2 years regularly.

5. All students who want to complete their course with a 200 / 300 hr certificate must attend all classes (except medical emergency). Students are expected to be on time for each class and treat teachers, fellow students and staff with respect.

6. Scholarship students should attend the (voluntary) weekend program on Sundays.

7. A scholarship student should be ready and motivated to engage with Karma Yoga activities, selfless service without any expectation during the complete duration of the training whenever help is necessary.

Scholarship students are expected to advertise Pratham Yoga school before and after their course.

8. Scholarship students have to follow the complete guideline of application which will follow below.

9. Only truthful applications and honest students should apply for this position.

10. Only devoted students who are ready to dive deeply into practice should apply.

11. Scholarship students should follow the guidelines of mostly sattvic food while the training as well as the abstinence from any kind of intoxicants.

12. If the student does not follow the Terms & conditions it is possible for Pratham Yoga to exclude the participant from the training without returning the paid fees.

13. Scholarship students stay at shared room accommodation in the Pratham Yoga Center.

14. We accept only sincere students at Pratham Yoga, who are willing to participate with 100% motivation to study the ancient philosophy of Yoga.

15. All Scholarship students should introduce a talent with which they can support Pratham Yoga Schools growth. We expect the student to help us with advertising or other improvement of the center.

16. Fees: The total fees of the program are 800 $ USD. We do not give scholarships free of cost.


1. A scholarship applicant has to send one email including a personal application letter to
This letter should include a short introduction to one’s personal background.
Further it should include a motivation text, which should explain why the applicant wants to join a) a Yoga TTC, b) Why Pratham Yoga c) the reason of applying for scholarship program and d) In which way you an imagine to contribute to improvement of Pratham Yoga School. This 3 points have to be included in the text within a paragraph on each topic (a, b, c and d).
After submitting the email, the scholarship applicant will receive notification about a positive or negative decision within a few days. (Due to the amount of applicants the selection can take time, we apologize for any inconvenience.)
2. If the decision was positive and the applicant is accepted for the scholarship program, she/he has to fill the regular Teacher Training Application form at the website:

3. The payment of 210 US $ for the seat reservation is also obligatory for scholarship students. The link to Pratham Yoga’s Paypal account can be found just below the application form at the website

4. The remaining fees of 600$ USD have to be paid at the beginning of the course in cash in INR, USD, POUND or EURO (ATM / cash exchange available close by).

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